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Magento Admin Form POST with form_key

The other day I was trying to help someone create a Form in the admin side of Magento that would simply POST to a Controller and capture some data. I thought it’d be fairly simple, I’ve done it before; I thought. Turns out I had done it before, but I’ve always used the built in […]

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Drupal sess_read() causes logout

Affects: Drupal 6.20 If you try to read a value from a session that has not been set your Drupal user will be logged out. Example: sess_write(‘myValue’,TRUE); echo sess_read(‘myValue’); OK echo sess_read(‘myValue’); NOT OK, user is logged out.


Sometimes, you’ve got a situation where you want to have a globally available static function.  Most often this occurs (for me) in a debugging context.  Recently I wanted to have FirePHP available from anywhere in my project so I made use of the lib folder. Unlike just about every other article on this site, for […]

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The List of Awesome

jQuery uploadify – http://www.uploadify.com NIVO Slider – http://nivo.dev7studios.com Colortip – http://tutorialzine.com/2010/07/colortips-jquery-tooltip-plugin/ Spritely – http://spritely.net/ Masonry – http://desandro.com/resources/jquery-masonry/ Lettering.JS – http://daverupert.com/2010/09/lettering-js/ YoxView – http://www.yoxigen.com/yoxview/ tablesorter – http://tablesorter.com/docs/ jQueryUI – http://jqueryui.com/ bassistance.de Validation – http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ FancyBox – http://fancybox.net/

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Magento config.xml Cron Job

It’s possible to setup process to run on a schedule provided that your server is setup to run cron. All internal cron jobs are run from a single page/script call. You’ll need to setup your server to either; make a request to /cron.php or execute /cron.sh. The time delta that you set here will be […]

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